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—Thomas Jefferson

Dear CAPR members, friends,supporters!



We have fought for water rights and have fought to have a legislative Hirst Correction in the legislature.  CAPR members have an opportunity to show we firmly stand for this by attending a hearing in Olympia!

We have discussed at times throughout the year the harm and fiscal damages administrative law through our state agency Ecology, and a State Supreme Court that has abandoned its duty to the constitution and law.  Especially the hugely negative impact statewide of the Hirst Decision!

I would like to ask you to attend a hearing in Olympia on December 12th, at 10:am. The hearing is presented by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

The topic will be Exempt Wells and Hirst.  It will be held on the State Capitol Campus in:

House Hearing Rm A 
John L. O'Brien Building 
Olympia, WA 98504

Here is a link to a map of that campus:

Testimony from the public will be a part of the meeting.

If you have a personal story of the harm caused you by Hirst, please come and testify.  If you do not have a personal story, but are outraged at this affront to rural families and the constitutionally protected rights of every person in this state, please consider testifying, even if you do not testify, your presence will show how important wells, the human and property right to water, and the Hirst decision is to you.  I implore you, if at all possible please take time away from work, family, and holiday preparation to attend this meeting!

I will be there early to greet or help you!  I don't often ask for your help in person, but there are times when the more people who attend, the more impact we have, and I think this is one of those times when we can show the power of CAPR membership!

If you just can't attend, please contact the committee members by email and phone and let them know you want an uncompromising Hirst correction from your legislature, here is that information:

Here are two compelling videos on Hirst and Water Rights from this last fall's CAPR East Meets West Regional Conference 2017!

Representative David Taylor               

Attorney Peter Ojala

You can always find these and other conference videos on the CAPR website

Thank you for your support this past year, we have accomplished so much in the recognition and respect for property rights!

Please Remember CAPR this Giving Season!



December 7, 2017