CAPR Bills of Concern 3/13/23 Update

By Cindy Alia

3/13/2023, UPDATED 3/19/23

We have passed the halfway mark for which we must endure this year's legislative session.  March 8 was the cut off day for bill to be passed out of the house of origin.  The next cut off date is March 29, 

"Last day to read in committee reports (pass bills out of committee and read them into the record on the floor) from opposite house, except House fiscal committees and Senate Ways & Means and Transportation committees."

With this in mind, we still have some fighting to do.  

Below is a list of bills CAPR is still concerned about, most of them we are taking a con position on.  It is never too late to fight bills but the best time is now through the March 29 cut off date.  There are bils that passed the house easily, but are facing a larger challenge in the senate.  Please make your voices heard by emailing or calling your legislators, (all emails in the legislature are thus:  Or the legislative hotline will kindly deliver your message pro or con on a bill just call 800 562 6000.

The list includes bills that are "dead"  so you can see that opposition does work!

There are bills that had much opposition, but still the legislators were inclined to vote to pass.  Now the bills that passed the original house and are in consideration in the opposite house must have a great deal of calls and emails if constituents are to have an effect on decision making when it comes to votes.  CAPR thanks members for their hard work, attention, and voices!

Bill number 
 CAPR PositionBill Status/TypeBill Title                
  Growth Management and Middle Housing                 

Passed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/17

Executive Hearing 3/22, 1:30  Call or email Housing committee members

Concerning the use of existing buildings for residential purposes.

This bill does not define "existing buildings" clearly, and eliminates local planning on things like parking, density, energy codes and so on, it Prohibits cities from imposing certain restrictions or requirements on existing buildings through ordinances, development and zoning regulations, or other official controls.


Passed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/17 

Executive Hearing 3/22 1:30 Call or email Housing committee members

Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing.

This is a stack and pack bill forcing GMA planning cities to increase density and to a lesser extent increase density outside an Urban Growth Area,  Affordable housing incentives are established. 

1229/5235CONPassed Senate, House Public Hearing on 3/13, Exec Hearing 3/16, presently stalled in House Housing Committee.  Call or email.

Concerning accessory dwelling units.

Allows for Accessory Dweling Units within the GMA Urban Growth Area, prohitbiting certain regulations on the Dwellings, promotes incentives for ADU building and prohibits covenance or deed restrictions against ADUs.


Passed Senate, House Public Hearing on 3/16, Executive Hearing on 3/21 in the House Committee on Housing Call or email.

Promoting transit-oriented development.  The DOT, who won't/can't even fix potholes in the highways will in this bill, be expected to establish a competitive grant program to help finance housing projects within rapid transit corridors.  GMA planning cities may not regulate to prohibit within a transit station area multifamily residential housing or maximum floor space area, or density, off street parking may not be required, and the bill expands catagorical in fill development.              
  Property Rights of Landlords                 
1074CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/15 Executive hearing on 3/22 in Senate Committee on Housing Call or email.Addressing documentation and processes governing landlords' claims for damage to residential premises.       
1124CONdead?Protecting tenants from excessive rent and related fees by providing at least six months' notice for rent increases over a certain amount, allowing tenants the right to terminate a tenancy without penalty, and limiting late fees.
1389/5435CONdead?Concerning residential rent increases under the residential landlord-tenant act and the manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant act.    
1625/5615CONdead?Enabling local governments to plan and adopt programs to stabilize and control rents.         
5060CONdead?Requiring the registration of rental and vacant housing units.           
5197CONPassed Senate, House Public Hearing 3/14, 3/22 Executive Hearing in House Committee on Housing. Call or emailAddressing landlord-tenant relations by providing technical changes to eviction notice forms and modifying certain eviction processes.    
  Water Rights                 

Passed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/16,  Executive hearing 3/23 Senate Committee on Ag, Water, Natural Resources.  

Concerning drought preparedness.  

This bill increases Ecology's authority to act regarding drought advisory or emergency conditions.  

5517NEUTRALdead?Enacting recommendations from the joint legislative task force on water resource mitigation.        
5622NEUTRALdead?Concerning the transfer of alternate water rights and water rights for municipal water supply purposes.       
  Gun Rights                 

Passed House, First Reading in Senate on 3/10, 3/23 Executive Hearing in Senate Law and Justice Committee


Concerning requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms.          
1144/5232CONdead?Enhancing requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms.           
1178CONdead?Concerning local government authority to regulate firearms.           

Passed Senate, House Public Hearing 3/14, exec hearing 3/24 in House Committee on Civil Rights and Judiciary

Protecting public safety by establishing duties of firearm industry members.          
  Climate Change Changes                 
1170/5093CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/10 no executive hearing scheduled.Improving climate resilience through updates to the state's integrated climate response strategy.        
1176/5247CONPassed House, Senate Exec Hearing on 3/15Developing opportunities for service and workforce programs to support climate-ready communities.       
1181CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/14Improving the state's response to climate change by updating the state's planning framework.        
1589CONPassed House, Senat Public Hearing 3/17Supporting Washington's clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.      
1789CONPassed House, Senate 1st ReadingExpanding revenue generation and economic opportunities from natural climate solutions and ecosystem services.      
5551CONdead?Supporting Washington's crop and livestock farms, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and generating renewable energy by capturing methane.   
5688CONReferred to Senate Ways and MeansProviding carbon sequestration and ecosystem services in the management of public lands.        
1229/5112CONHouse Bill Dead, Passed Senate, House Public Hearing 3/10, Exec Hearing 3/15Updating processes related to voter registration.            
  Human Life, Suicide, Abortion, Gender Treatment, Surgery                 
1281/5179CONPassed Senate, House Rules 3/13Increasing access to the provisions of the Washington death with dignity act.         
1469/5489CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing on 3/16Concerning access to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming treatment in Washington state.       
5599CONPassed Senate, House First Reading on 3/4Supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services.          
8202CONdead?Amending the Constitution to address reproductive freedom.           
  Governmental McCarthyism, Stalinism                 
1333CONdead?Establishing the domestic violent extremism commission.           
1813PROdead?Establishing a moratorium on the siting and use of secure community transition facilities.        
1728CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing 3/14, Exec Hearing 3/17Creating a statewide resiliency program.             
  Social/Environmental Justice, Housing,Taxation                 
1332CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing 3/16Supporting public school instruction in tribal sovereignty and federally recognized Indian tribes.        
1474CONPassed House, Senate Public Hearing 3/17Creating the covenant homeownership account and program to address the history of housing discrimination due to racially restrictive real estate covenants in Washington state.
1628CONdead?Increasing the supply of affordable housing by modifying the state and local real estate excise tax.        
1734/5544PROdead?Providing notice regarding less restrictive alternative placement contracting.          
1598/5128CONPassed Senate, House Public Hearing 3/15, Exec Hearing 3/17Concerning jury diversity.              
5651CONdead?Concerning equity and environmental justice in the growth management act.        0
  Wildlife Management                 
1698PROdead?Providing flexibility for the department of fish and wildlife to collaborate with local governments to manage gray wolves.     
1775CONPassed House, Senate Exec Hearing on 3/16Limiting liability for salmon recovery projects performed by regional fisheries enhancement groups.       
1844PROdead?Creating a private right of action for harm from violations of the state Constitution or state law by elected and appointed officials.     
1686CONdead?Concerning salmon recovery reform.             
  Transportation/changing taxation                 
1832CONNot dead, but not moving yet, watch for it in Transportation BudgetImplementing a per mile charge on vehicle usage of public roadways.          
  Budgets to Watch                 
1147/5200  capital budget               
1140/5187  operating budget               
1125/5162  transportation budget              


March 14, 2023