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Stop the Phony Water Crisis!


A CAPR Legislative Action Alert


This Legislative session hard fought battles were won!

The Legislature passed ESSB 6091, Hirst Fix.


This is a complicated set of mandates, but it does allow for many rural families to begin drilling wells for their building permits.  CAPR will watch how these mandates are implemented and provide updates!


But the battle for water rights is not over, the legislature did not provide relief on water rights for just one county-Skagit!

The people of Skagit county deserve water rights just as all other citizens do! 

CAPR asks you to help!

It is urgent you call the legislative hotline

800 562 6000 and tell them you want HB 2937 to be heard immediately! 

There are only a few days left to help the people of Skagit County with this bill!

Read about this shameful set of events that prevented the citizens of Skagit County from water rights relief!


CAPR will not stand down until the people of Skagit County all have water rights!



Good News on the OSS bill!


To protect private property owners from over-reach and open ended easements when government involves itself in your septic system.

 COOMWA and CAPR have worked hard to get progress on this bill. 

It is scheduled for committee executive session this week!

If this bill passes the House, we will still need your help with calls and emails to the Senate!  Please stay tuned!


House Bill 2420 is our new proposed State legislation to protect owners of septic systems (Onsite Sewer Systems-OSS).  

We continue to fight for:


Repair vs Replacement

No easement on our property without proper notice

No private monitoring contracts before permitting


Hearing from voters makes a difference.  

Thank you so very much!  


This Thursday the CAPR King County Chapter will welcome Steve Mclaughlin! 


Join us on Thursday February 1 at the Issaquah IHOP for the monthly meeting of the King Co CAPR chapter. The meeting starts at 7pm, come early (6pm) for dinner and socialization.


 This month our featured speaker is Steve McLaughlin, who ran last year for Washington State Public Lands Commissioner.   Come to listen and discuss with Steve

 "rewilding", which is one of the most serious threats to property rights, not to mention public safety, as it involves the reintroduction of apex predators (i.e. wolves and grizzlies) into populated regions.



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We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

​---Abraham Lincoln




January 30, 2018