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Today was the first day of a 60-day session for the State Legislature and the hearings have begun at a fast pace.  This could be considered admirable, but there are bills moving forward which did not find universal favor last session and did not pass.  Because our legislature works on a two year basis, there are carryover bills which did not pass last year beginning the process of continuation now. 


One example of such a bill is Senate Bill 5412, Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels, and its companion bill HB 1110.  CAPR objected to this bill last session and those objections hold true today.  The house bill did pass last session, but it did not pass the senate.  The bill is scheduled for public hearing week, on January 16 at 10 am.  This bill and its companion would serve to weaken fuel efficiency, mandating fuel mixes that are less efficient and possible harmful to vehicles and costing more at the pump.  All while creating massive and complicated system of credit banking for fuel standards.  This kind of bill is exactly what makes life unaffordable under the umbrella of climate crisis.  The legislative information and hotline remains 800-562-6000,  if you wish to call and let your Senator know what you think of the bill, the time is now!


Along the lines of Climate Crisis, the democrat legislators in their role as the majority want to take yet another bite of the apple in the form of SB 6272 Amending state greenhouse gas emission limits for consistency with the most recent assessment of climate change science. And its companion bill 2311.  The bill promotes a shortening of previous goals, for example changing the 2050 goal of 50% below 1990 greenhouse gas emission levels to by 2040 75% below 1990 levels.  This bill also creates additional bureaucracy in an agency arm in the department of commerce, the state efficiency and environmental performance office.  Voluntary and incentive-based carbon sequestration programs involving private landowners is a part of the bill as well.  Will such ideas lead to a sequestration bank, or are such luxuries the exclusive domain of government?  CAPR finds this bill seriously lacking.  800 562 2000  is the hotline number you can call to provide your pro or con on this bill, scheduled for public hearing tomorrow!


Representative Fitgibbon has yet another social engineering emission reducing bill, HB 2310 Reducing emissions from vehicles associated with on-demand transportation services   Certain Service Providers arranging the transportation of people, food, or other goods will have to submit to the department of ecology information about vehicle miles driven and emissions, and by 2023 certain service providers will have to develop plans to meet emission reduction goals and targets as established by ecology.  If you are making your living so categorized, you may want to get in touch with your legislator or call the hotline at 800 562 6000


Take heart all news is not bad news this week and there are some bills you may want to consider supporting this week with more to come as the session progresses. 

This week the offerings are:

HB 2239 Prohibiting unjustified employer searches of employee personal vehicles.  and its companion SB 6177  This a needed and important bill, if you agree, call 800 562 6000!


HB 2363 Providing remedies for violations of biometric data ownership rights  Read this bill and provide your input to your legislator or the hotline 800 562 6000!


SB 6036 Providing opportunities for drought mitigation using trust water rights.  We in Washington State are so far down the water rights distortion road, it can be said this is a good bill.  While such things as drought declarations, and water trusts are a far cry from where we should be, we are there.  Having said this, the bill could be called a good bill in its attempt to afford protections for drought mitigation, though it would be good to see the language of the bill tightened up a bit.  Mitigate?


SB 6147 Concerning the replacement of shoreline armoring  This bill allows Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) for bulkhead replacement and loosely ties the work to not unreasonable conditions which may not impose conditions to optimize fish life out of proportion to the impact of the proposed project.  This language could use a little cleaning up as well, and state a direct nexus and proportionality tied to the work to be performed.  The bill also states 4 different levels of agency preferred armoring methods.  If you wish to opine, call 800 562 6000 or your legislator should be contacted.


Much more to come over the session, and if it plays out at all like last session there will be several hearings with short notice, I will alert you to bills of interest as soon as possibly can be done!



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January 14, 2020