Stevens County Chapter

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Excerpt from the Official Statement by Stevens County Landowners to the WA State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson: We the People, who are land and/or livestock owners in Stevens County, non-violently refuse to submit to any and all Regulatory Takings demands that are related to buffer zones or setbacks (or any other invented terminology to be thought of in the future that references demands of fencing off private property) around any waterways or sub-irrigated areas on our private properties. We the People also non-violently refuse to submit to, respond to, or in any way be held liable to, or pay any fines associated with any of these related regulations that reference anything to do with buffer zones, or setbacks that are described within the bounds of our private properties. Previous encounters with Regulatory Takings issues describe typical fines associated with non-compliance, as equaling $10,000 per day, which is in direct conflict with the WA State and U.S. Constitutions.