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CAPR Welcomes Glen Morgan

Glen Morgan is CAPR's new executive Director. Glen Morgan was the Grassroots Director and the Property Rights Director at the Freedom Foundation from 2011 until January 2015. He enjoys creating videos documenting Big Government's abuses of citizens – particularly on property rights issues. He is a frequent writer and speaker on property rights, the environmental movement, Big Government, and the importance of citizen activism. In 2014, Bill Whittle called Glen, "The ascended high master of political messaging." Glen doesn't consider himself a high master of anything, but he enjoys exploring the political issues and exposing government corruption and incompetence which impacts all of us. In 2015, Glen was honored with the annual Rodney & Laurel McFarland Award presented by the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) “for exemplary performance in preserving and protecting property rights for the year 2014.”

Skagit CAPR Chapter Water Rights Forum #2

The Skagit CAPR Chapter sponsored a second water rights forum on Wednesday evening, September 17th at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mt Vernon.  This one was billed as a 'Legislative Town Hall" and legislators from the 10th, 39th and 40th Districts were invited.  Local elected officials were also invited as were candidates for legislative and local offices.  Glen Morgan from the Freedom Foundation was the moderator.   The goal of the event was to educate the law makers with the water situation in Skagit County in light of last fall's Swinomish v. Dept of Ecology decision, and then suggest possible solutions for the problem that threatens 500 land owners with loss of use of their wells and prevents access to water on more than 5500 undeveloped properties.  Zach Barborinas from Just Water Alliance and Skagit CAPR Chapter member Mike Newman briefed the history, science and politics behind last year's Washington State Supreme Court decision.

Why CAPR is Fighting the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area

Maritime Washington National Heritage Act would create a Heritage Area of the entire coastline of Washington State. The unelected National Park Service and an unelected quasi-governmental Private Trust Organization would be in charge of administering and distributing tax-payer and private monies in the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area.  Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights is fighting this Heritage Area.  Individual Property Owners expect the right to self-determination through elected and accountable representatives. National Heritage Areas are mapped regions which include thousands of private properties within the borders of a Heritage Area.

Why CAPR is Fighting the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights is petitioning Congress asking for a denial of the designation of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust National Heritage Area.  There are serious considerations regarding the imposition of an Heritage Area on Private Property Owners. Individual Property Owners expect the right to self-determination through elected and accountable representatives. National Heritage Areas are mapped regions which include thousands of private properties within the borders of a Heritage Area. National Heritage Areas are areas that are designated National Park Service Areas and are as such federally controlled areas.

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Pushes Again for Failed National Heritage Area Designation

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Pushes Again for Failed National Heritage Area Designation The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is taking another shot at becoming the Managing Entity for 1.5 million acres stretching along I-90 from Seattle past Ellensburg. Aside from lack of federal will and dollars, a large part of the reason the previous attempt to push this through congress failed was the public outcry from Private Property Owners who objected to being mapped into this Heritage Area that would fall under the control of the National Park Service. Property owners believe, rightly so, that there is enough governmental control in this state over their properties, both on the state and federal levels. This gets to the heart of the matter, the word trust. Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights asks do property owners trust the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust?


For all who wish to attend, meet other interesting people, have a little fun, network, and learn about current property rights  concerns and actions, there are two events scheduled for July! July 18, CAPR Snohomish will hold and fun and informative shoot and BBQ potluck!  CAPR invites you to this fun, friendly and informative event! Listen to what CAPR has been working on, and then join in on the soapbox if you would like to speak your piece!  Details on flyer, hope to see you there!

Grizzlies – Don’t mess with Mother Nature!

I have hiked and backpacked all over the world including a number of our National Parks where grizzlies are found. I appreciate grizzly bears and have observed them in the wild. I live within a few miles of the North Cascades National Park. As a Ph.D. scientist, hiker/backpacker, and taxpayer I support the “no action alternative (status quo)” ostensibly being considered in the Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (Plan/EIS). “Restoration” of grizzlies to the North Cascades Ecosystem is meddling with Mother Nature, has no basis in either public demand or scientific validation, and is fraught with unintended consequences. Here are my opinions why: It sounds like the decision to do this has already been made. “What is the Purpose.

CAPR Snohomish PicNic

Come and Learn more about CAPR and listen to experts on Administrative Law, and Water Rights at CAPR Snohomish PicNic on May 30 at Langus Park in Everett, between noon and 4:00 PM. There will be music, fun, food, discussion on property rights, water, and administrative law. How are these issues impacting your property use, agricultural lands, and water availability? Come here experts and stories from those who know and are living with the constraints of misguided law.

In Memoriam: the Fifth Amendment | The Antiplanner

The Antiplanner spoke in Spokane last Friday at the annual meeting of Spokane chapter of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights. The focus of my presentation was how cities have eroded the property rights protections of the Fifth Amendment in order to promote the density schemes of urban planners. The Fifth Amendment, which says that government may not take private property for public use without due compensation, was once interpreted to mean that government cannot take private property for private use at all and must pay compensation when it take it for public use. But over time it has come to be reinterpreted to mean that government can take property rights through regulation without compensation and it can take private property from one owner and give it to another private party with compensation.


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