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Exciting New Opportunities!

CAPR is very active this spring and summer season. Good direction from our executive director, Glen Morgan along with a doubling down of effort, and dedication of our CAPR chapters is turning the tide back on the dubious over-reach of our agencies through our county and city governments. Please see the stories below for how this work has helped people and communities where we live! We promise you this...more to come! Join us in our efforts to achieve the best kind of justice, that which is derived from a free people who believe in the rule of law!

King County Dumps the “Turd Tax” after Overwhelming Rejection by Angry Citizens!

After experiencing standing room only crowds at every previous hearing on this subject, King County wisely changed venues to the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church just outside Fall City.  Despite being one of the largest venues in the area, overflow crowds packed the church with at least 500 people in the main room, a packed balcony, a filled hallway, and people crowding into every place they could fit.  Speakers were turned on in the lobby so that those unable to enter the main room could still listen.

Be There or Be Taxed! Come to Fall City to Speak Out on Septic System "Fees"

Make sure you attend this last meeting so King County officials can hear what you think about being blamed for pollution with your septic system.  We all know septic systems are far superior to the municipal combined sewer storm water overflows that so often pollute the Puget Sound.

Spokane County Voluntary Stewardship Program

The Spokane County Chapter of Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) has some concerns with the proposed Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP). The VSP was created when Governor Christine Gregoire commissioned Bill Ruckelshaus to protect environmentally sensitive areas in our state while preserving farm land. Please include this letter as public testimony that our chapter is not in favor of the VSP.

Turd Tax Tempts King County

Seattle/King County Board of Health has promoted and proposed a “fee” for each citizen who must use an Onsite Sewer System (OSS), what most of us call a septic system.  This fee would be collected each year in the property tax bill which actually seems much more a tax than a fee.  Exactly how the money the county would collect would be used is not specified; some documents state it would be a way to pool money for low cost loans should a person need to replace a failing system, while other documents discuss paying for additional staff for monitoring of OSS in King County.  This disingenuous scheme is the brainchild of Puget Sound Partnership as can be seen in the Final Funding Strategy Report Volume 1 - Findings and Recommendations Sept.

Dollars for Deniers!

Man made climate change is a theory presenting serious questions. Is it possible the "dangers" of climate change can be "successfully mitigated" by costly carbon credit schemes and the draconian regulation of governments? Should deniers be prosecuted as Attorney General Loretta Lynch wishes? Should we keep an eye on those legislators who could possibly wish to go as far as Loretta Lynch? We are proud to deny such ideas for you!

CAPR Welcomes Glen Morgan

Glen Morgan is CAPR's new executive Director. Glen Morgan was the Grassroots Director and the Property Rights Director at the Freedom Foundation from 2011 until January 2015. He enjoys creating videos documenting Big Government's abuses of citizens – particularly on property rights issues. He is a frequent writer and speaker on property rights, the environmental movement, Big Government, and the importance of citizen activism. In 2014, Bill Whittle called Glen, "The ascended high master of political messaging." Glen doesn't consider himself a high master of anything, but he enjoys exploring the political issues and exposing government corruption and incompetence which impacts all of us. In 2015, Glen was honored with the annual Rodney & Laurel McFarland Award presented by the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) “for exemplary performance in preserving and protecting property rights for the year 2014.”


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