Washington Fish and Wildlife Seeks Comments on Land Acquisition Proposals!

Please review this important press release, and respond! Your response will become part of the public record. Make sure to copy your responses to your legislators! Part of the problem we have as property owners is the continuous loss of land to the state and to private/public partnerships! The tax base is shrinking, and our resources are being taken off the table, we need this land to be productive! Below is the text! January 13, 2014 Contact: Lauri Vigue, (360) 902-2549 WDFW seeks comments on land acquisition proposals OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is inviting public comment through Jan. 31 on current proposals to acquire land for fish and wildlife habitat and public recreation.

Important Hearing in Olympia January 16, 10:00am!

ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT HEARING IN OLYMPIA Reform the Growth Management Act! If you can make it to this hearing, then by all means do so! This is a workshop regarding making changes to the GMA! Senator Pam Roach will be introducing bills this week to reform the GMA! Imagine the impact of a full hearing room, show Senator Roach your support, and show others in Olympia this reform must be accomplished! See hearing and bill information below! Thursday, January 16, 2014, 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM Capitol Campus -John A. Cherberg Building 304 15th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA Senate Hearing Room 2 Hearing hosted by Senator Pam Roach regarding issues with the Growth Management Act, and potential reforms needed. Also, Olympia Tea Party will have a hospitality suite at Conference Room A,B,C on the first floor of the same building.

Endangered Species Act,

Many Celebrated the Endangered Species Act's 40th year, yet, the clear minded are looking more closely at the results.   While it is true that many species are more abundant than they were when the Act was passed in 1973, it is also true that the costs and unintended consequences of the law have burdened private property owners, our food producers,  and the economy of the United States.  Some of this is examined in the links below.  While digesting the work of others collected below will be somewhat time consuming, an understanding of the Endangered Species Act and the events and effects it has brought about will be worth while.

Property Rights The Challenges and the Positive Momentum of 2013.

Those who wish to preserve and protect property rights have faced many challenges in the year 2013, those challenges and many more will face us in the coming year 2014. On the other side of the coin, though, are the positive works of many individuals and organizations coming together to stand up for their liberties. We are also fortunate to have representatives in government both at the state level and at the federal level who are working on these same goals. It is well worth our while to support those in public and private life who are laboring to protect our property rights. In brief, a look at what is faced.

WDFW Seeks Far-reaching Hydraulic Rule Code Changes it is not Prepared to Administer

Impact Statement on proposed changes to the Hydraulic Code Rules -Chapter 220-110 Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has prepared a Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement that will be reviewed here.  For  purposes of this article, the above mentioned document will be called DPEIS.  This is needed because throughout the document referred to ( the department seems to think that other acronyms are interchangeable with DPEIS. The DPEIS in itself is problematic.  This document is generalized, does not include supporting documentation, and is redundant, rambling, and was not prepared with the required cost – benefit analysis.


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