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Private property distinguishes free countries from the rest

What is it that makes a free country? Is it becuase the country is corruption-free. Nyet. Is it because the free country has taxation below a certain level? Nine. What distinguishes a free country is the right and use of private property. Socialism / Communism says the government owns everything. Facism says it is prvately owned but government controlled. Freedom is defined by the right of a private citizen to own and control his private property. In this country we are moving rapidly from that position to one of "freedom by permit only." This allows government to keep the fascade of freedom. "Of course you own it. Of course you may direct its use -- as long as you get a permit (our permission) to do so." One of the main functions of a legitimate government is to provide protection from others infringing on my rights.

The problem with Evironmetalism

I keep trying to remind people that environmentalism is, well, an "ism." Folks who want to be good stewards aren't necessarily into the religion of environmentalism. Those who "believe" strongly keep swerviing over into other aspects of the religion. Charles Colson, Nixon's "hatchet-man" and convicted Watergate felon does a great job in his Dec. 18th radio broadcast of showing how the two keep intertwining themselves. Read for yourself why we have a hard time keeping our fight to real property when taxes confiscate our private property and enironmentalism wants to threaten innocent life to reduce CO2 emmissions. They call for limits on children as a way to reduce the discredited theory of global warming. Talk about religious zealotry.
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