Hirst Fix Still Needs Fixing, Ecology's WRIA 1 Nooksack Rule

Ecology gets it wrong in the birthplace of Hirst, WRIA 1, Nooksack Rule does not comport to legislative intent in ESSB 6091, "Hirst Fix" legislation. Senators Ericksen, Honeyford, Short, and Warnick provide Ecology with comment regarding legislative intent, and the proposed rule errors which make the rule unlawful.  The rule wrongfully would restrict water use on lawns and gardens, includes drought triggered water use restrictions, deviates from the "maximum annual average" method of measuring water use, and proposes to meter future water use.

CAPR Whatcom has prepared analysis and review of the proposed rule in this comprehensive document which provides deep insight into the proposed rule and the flaws within it.

CAPR e-newsletter Update December 28, 2019

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Representative Matt Shea Suspended in the House, Citizens Maligned in a Report by Rampart Group

By Cindy Alia, December 23, 2019

On December 1, 2019 the Rampart Group released to the Washington State House a report of their investigation into Representative Matt Shea.  The report is authored by Kathy and Paul Loedler, owners, executives, and senior investigating team of Rampart Group, LLC. 

The House contractually engaged Rampart with what is stated in the report as a requested scope to assess if Representative Shea engaged in political violence, and if there was a threat of violence posed by Representative Shea or any individuals or groups of individuals.

The Rampart Group expended their efforts over 4 months to investigate Representative Shea and maintains that the investigators have no professional, social, or other kinds of relationship to any member of the House of Representatives or witnesses interviewed.

Modern Wolf Management and Policy in Washington State How Citizens Lost the Ability to Comment in Public on Management

By Cindy Alia, December 16, 2019

There are two ways to deal with a problem, one is to work to create legislation and regulation factually based on actual, real, and measurable impacts, consequences, and effects on the citizens of Washington state, as do those individuals currently losing or spending revenue to solve the problem. Alternatively, the problem can be dealt with by driving emotional pleas and litigation enabled by building a base of those who have bought into the emotional landscape as acolytes of a distinct group of serial sue and settle organizations also referred to as the environmental cartel, those standing to benefit financially.

Supreme Court Reverses King County Superior Court Decision, Allowing King County to Charge “rent” for the Use of Rights of Way

By Cindy Alia December 13, 2019

Early in December, the State Supreme Court quietly and somewhat contradictorily reversed a Superior Court Decision that disallowed King County's ordinance to charge a fee for utilities use of rights of way.

A tax by any other name…


On November 7, 2016, the King County Council adopted Ordinance 18403 to authorize the imposition and collection of rent from water, sewer, gas and electric utilities using county roads and rights-of-way.  According to the county the Ordinance would generate $10,000,000 yearly, which will be deposited to the County’s general fund. On December 29, 2017, the county Facilities Management Division adopted the rule for Determining Franchise Compensation to implement the Ordinance. The rule was effective as of January 29, 2018.

Post Recovery Wolf Management Comments - Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights

CAPR has submitted comments to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in response to solicited comments from WDFW for public input to Post Recovery Wolf Management.  You may comment as well at this link:  CAPR used Option 2 for commenting as it is the easiest way to submit a comment.  The commenting period ends on November 1.

CAPR comments are reflective of the concerns we have heard from many in various areas regarding the management needs of Washington State.

Public comment to WDFW re Post Recovery Wolf Management

Submitted by Cindy Alia

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights


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