Become a Citizen Ninja!

Mary Baker of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights SanDiego/Orange County California has designed a workshop to help Americans become comfortable and able to exercise their civic duty. Mary's workshop will prepare you to understand the dynamics of public meetings, and how you can be effective in these circumstances. The framers of our Constitution knew that to preserve our blessings of liberty, the Republic would require self-governing citizens. We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government. ~James Madison Do you worry about being marginalized if you express your opinion in public? Have you been bullied in a public forum or town hall meeting? Do you wonder if civil discourse is even possible? How to Become a Citizen NinjaTM is a workshop designed for Free Range Americans who recognize they have a duty to engage in the civic process but are unsure how to go about it or are fearful of bully tactics being used against them. "Learn how to sideline your fears! This workshop will teach you how to exercise your civic responsibility in the public arena effectively and with confidence." ~Mary Baker, Workshop Leader and Creator. For information on how you can become a Host or Sponsor for this SOFRA Training: How To Become a Citizen Ninja!

July 30, 2014