Bills of Concern Status 2/26/2021

February 26 2021 By Cindy Alia

Today we are in the midst of the legislative session with 38 days left for bills to become law.  There have been 2 cutoff dates met and we are nearing the point where bills heard in the house of origin must pass a floor vote in order to be heard in the opposite house.  There is still time to fight bad bills that may have passed the house of origin but have not yet made the transition to the floor of the opposite house.  

The good news is there are two bad bills that are considered "dead" for this session, I thank all who took the time to call and object to the bills, your work makes a difference!  Taking the time to send an email to or call your legislator is an important action to take to preserve your rights, use this link to contact your legislators:  or take a little time to call the legislative hotline 800 562 6000

Bad bills dead!

1084/5093 Reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions by achieving greater decarbonization of residential and commercial buildings.

1264 Establishing an equity impact statement for legislative proposals.

Along with this good news comes the inevitable bad news, hundreds upon hundreds of bills are written, many of which would cause liberty and property rights minded individuals serious objection!  Those bills of concern are listed and organized by type of harm:

Bad bills that have got to be stopped!

Bills Impacting Elections

1068 Exempting election security information from public records disclosure.  Passed the House.  Has had a first reading, referred to Senate State Government & Elections.

Bills that alter the Growth Management Act

1099 Improving the state's climate response through updates to the state's comprehensive planning framework.  On the House floor calendar.

1173 Concerning state lands development authorities. Passed the House.  Not yet read in the Senate.

1220 Supporting emergency shelters and housing through local planning and development regulations.  On House floor calendar.

1232 Planning for affordable housing under the growth management act.  On House floor calendar.

1241 Planning under the growth management act. In House rules committee, not yet on the floor calendar.

1117 Promoting salmon recovery through revisions to the state's comprehensive planning framework.  On House floor calendar

5042 Concerning the effective date of certain actions taken under the growth management act.  On Senate floor calendar.

Bills that impact projects due to Salmon Recovery

1382 Streamlining the environmental permitting process for salmon recovery projects.  On floor calendar

5273 Concerning the replacement of shoreline armoring. Passed on the senate floor.   House has had a first reading, referred to Rural Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Bills on climate and environmental law

1091/5231 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel. Hard fought with many amendments but now on the House floor calendar.

5126 Concerning the Washington climate commitment act.  Inslee request bill, passed Senate Committee and is under review by Senate Ways and Means, not yet on the Senate floor calendar.  

5373 Concerning carbon pollution.  Scheduled for public hearing on March 4.  The bill imposes a carbon pollution tax through and by adding chapters to Title 82, Excise Taxes.  It imposes a carbon pollution tax on the sale or use of fossil fuels in the state, excepting those used to generate electricity.  It imposes the tax on natural gas, vehicle fuels and special fuels.  There are carve outs for tribes. The timber industry, and agriculture industry receive a 5-year transitional carve out. 

The bill creates a “climate finance account” and a “greenhouse emissions reduction account” and a “natural climate solutions account” within the state government for the purposes of issuing tax obligation bonds.  

This bill could also be considered a climate justice bill.  “An environmental and economic justice panel is established”, “The department of commerce, supported by the department and the department of health, must provide an environmental justice analysis”, and (3) For the purposes of this section, "benefits" means investments or activities that: (a) Reduce vulnerable population characteristics, environmental burdens, or associated risks that contribute significantly to the cumulative impact designation of highly impacted communities; (b) Meaningfully protect a highly impacted community from, or support community response to, the impacts of air pollution or climate change; or (c) Meet a community need identified by vulnerable members of the community that is consistent with the intent of this chapter.

No project that impacts tribal lands may be funded prior to meaningful consultation with affected Indian tribes. 

You may read the 25 page bill here: to determine which particulars you find most offensive.

1513 Improving environmental health by reducing carbon emissions through increasing climate resilience and mitigating the effects of climate change by levying a carbon pollution tax, authorizing a climate finance bond program, and investing in clean economic growth.  This bill is essentially the same as 5373, the house is having the senate do the heavy lifting on the concept, it may or may not move forward pending movement of 5373 in the Senate, this is a little trick done to duplicate a bill without having to tie it directly to a companion bill status. 

Environmental justice bills

5141  Implementing the recommendations of the environmental justice task force. The bill is on the Senate floor calendar.  Hard fought amendments, call 800 562 6000 and back the writers of amendments who backed you up in trying to change or prevent this bill.

5052 Concerning the creation of health equity zones.  This bill passed the Senate today but can still be fought before it reaches the House floor!  

5405 Instructing the joint legislative audit and review committee to perform racial equity analyses.  This bill is waiting in rules for its turn on the Senate floor calendar.  Still time to object!  Call and email your senator!

Other bills that would negatively impact property rights

1152 Supporting measures to create comprehensive public health districts.  Widely objectional regionalization scheme which will facilitate takings by diminishing local control!  Call your representative and object to this bill firmly!  It is waiting in rules for a turn to get to the house floor, and has a companion bill in the senate making it easier to pass!  

1376 Concerning registration of land titles.  Repeals the entire Torrens Act, lessening property owners protections!  This is in house rules waiting a turn on the House floor calendar!  Call and help prevent it getting to the floor!

You can read the text of a bill at this link, just type the bill number in the search box and hit search.

CAPR believes all these bills will harmfully impact life, liberty, and property!  Make your voice heard to preserve your rights!


February 27, 2021