Can Blockchain Work in Improving Election Integrity, Transparency, Accountability

Property Rights and Freedom Webinar Series Part 19

Thank you J Young, we enjoyed this robust conversation which included Chad Magendanz, and Tim White!

To improve election integrity and confidence, we know there is much to do and a pathway to follow!  Read on to learn more!

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A Conversation with J. Young - What is Blockchain, and How Could it Help in Elections?

Hosted by

Scott  Shock, President of CAPR

Cindy Alia, CAPR Operations Director , Lobbyist   

Topics of Discussion to include:

What is Blockchain and how can it help with elections?

What does Blockchain do and how does it work to eliminate gaps that allow for fraud, and how can it enhance fundamentals important to good elections?

How can we the people improve trust, transparency, and accuracy in elections?

How can Election Integrity be improved?

· Fundamentals of verifying Identities

· How administrative gaps allow fraud

· Privacy, transparency, amd accountability in elections

What would it mean for elections if we could be assured that we not only had our ballot counted, but had proof it was counted correctly?

Chad Magendanz has proposed legislation available for our legislators to consider and vote on that would improve the integrity and confidence in our elections.  He also provided these interesting references during the conversation!

Tim White election litigation re the two sides of the democratic coin are to protect the secret ballot in concert with public accounting.  We owe Tim thanks for his attention and dedication to our election accountability through transparency.

We at CAPR thank those who have been working on and thinking through the possible improvements that could be made in elections, including Chad Magendanz, Paul Graves, Toby Nixon, and Tim White.  






November 17, 2020