CAPR Attends Bill Signing for Representative Van Werven's HB 2307!

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) was pleased to accept on behalf of our membership an invitation from Representative Luanne Van Werven to attend the signing of her bill 2307!  This marks an important moment in the work CAPR has done to promote property rights, and to promote the recognition of the substantive rights of property owners - the legislature must acknowledge the validity, or legality of its acts, and that law-making has consequences.  We are enthused to see this bill reflects these ideals!  Representative Van Werven has with this bill taken an important step in protecting property owners and their rights.

The importance of this bill to property owners is significant in that specific data held by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife will be held in confidentiality if it would put at risk people who have interaction with wolves, thus protecting them, their families, and employees:

From the bill language:  "The following information regarding any damage prevention cooperative agreement, or nonlethal preventative measures deployed to minimize wolf interactions with pets and livestock: (a) The name, telephone number, residential address, and other personally identifying information of any person who has a current damage prevention cooperative agreement with the department, including a pet or livestock owner, and his or her employees or immediate family members, who agrees to deploy, or is responsible for the deployment of, nonlethal, preventative measures; and (b) The legal description or name of any residential property, ranch, or farm, that is owned, leased, or used by any person included in (a) of this subsection; The following information regarding a reported depredation by wolves on pets or livestock: (a) The name, telephone number, residential address, and other personally identifying information of:4 Any person who reported the depredation;  Any pet or livestock owner, and his or her employees or immediate family members, whose pet or livestock was the subject of a reported depredation; and Any department of fish and wildlife employee, range rider contractor, or trapper contractor who directly:  Responds to a depredation; or Assists in the lethal removal of a wolf; and  The legal description, location coordinates, or name that identifies any residential property, or ranch or farm that contains a residence, that is owned, leased, or used by any person included in (a) of this subsection;"

CAPR thanks Representatives Van Werven and Young for sponsoring this bill, 2307, and getting it through the legislative process to the point of signing into law by Governor Inslee.  CAPR has taken an active role in advocating for and lobbying to protecting private property and property owners in the legislative process, fighting in favor of bills which have a significant impact on property rights and owners!

Pictured left to right, WDFW employees, Governor Jay Inslee, CAPR advocate and lobbyist Cindy Alia, Bryan Yon Legislative Assistant to Representative Luanne Van Werven 42nd Legislative District, and Glen Morgan Executive Director of Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights(CAPR).

March 23, 2018