CAPR General Election Ratings

Most of us have received or soon will receive our ballots for the general election.  While the mail in ballot experience is not what many would consider optimal, we face the leap of faith voting experience we survived in 2020.  We do know there have been teams of dedicated people working to make this election more representative of what we believe it should be.  That said your vote is as important as it has ever been and we encourage all to get their completed ballot in.  It is worth noting there is a statewide race of importance, Secretary of State, where CAPR has rated three candidates including the write in candidate Brad Klippert, running against Steve Hobbs, and Julie Anderson.  They have been rated respectively according to their records and actions as related to property rights, with Brad Klippert receiving the highest rating among the three.

When pondering the election it is of note we are still forced to vote under Inslee emergency conditions.  Even as it has been declared emergency status will end October 31, one wonders will there be any sort of noticable difference on November first?  Or has the damage caused within our systems of governance occurred in a sufficient duration to become habit to those making rules, regulations, and declarations of emergency?   This notion alone spurs one to vote and to vote for the strongest candidates possible that align with your priorities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through your properties.  

CAPR does not endorse candidates, but rather rates them as related to past actions including voting records, statements, and willingness to be stalwart in the recognition, understanding, and protection of property rights.  Make sure to vote!

Please refer to the CAPR Candidate Ratings Page and review ratings for candidates statewide.  

October 22, 2022