CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series Part 1


CAPR, Glen Morgan, and Cindy Alia thank Representative Jim Walsh for providing informative and  interesting conversation on our CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series in the first of the series on May 14th!  Discussion centered around the coming budget crisis caused by the State shut down, and conservative and best practices to remedy the extreme shortfall the state will face.  Representative Walsh also providing insight into the emergency process, what to do to change the imbalance of authority in future, and how the resultant over-reach is providing opportunity for innovative approaches to reel in our present circumstance of living under a monocracy. 


Thank you Representative Walsh for your compassion, and advocacy in your actions to represent your constituents and Washington Citizens!


CAPR is offering a webinar series, please tune in on your computer or phone so all may continue to communicate, share, and hear ideas and opinions!


We all work to be better informed and to understand and influence our futures and governance.


As CAPR tracks happenings and emerging policy, webinars are the best way to inform one another and our elected legislators, join in the conversation! 


If you missed this webinar, you can view it at the link below!


Topic: CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series - Washington State Shutdown, Coming Budget Cuts, and Opportunities to Restore Property Rights and Freedom

Start Time : May 14, 2020 06:07 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Password: 4L#2H4pg




May 10, 2020