CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series, Part 5

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Proclamations and restrictions to everday life, business, and property are far from over.  With phased and partially phased reopening schedules it is difficult to determine what portion of reopening, or a return to constitutional normalcy is dependent on the health and well being of the citizens of Washington State.  Join us for a discussion with Dr. Steven Quay about the COVID19 virus and the current understanding around it.  How to maximize immunity, and a discussion of vaccine, treatment, and the likelihood of a COVID19 rebound.  Arm yourself with information and make your own independent decisions.

Topic: CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series #5 - My Body, My Property
Start Time : Jun 11, 2020 06:21 PM

June 8, 2020