CAPR Thanks Members For a Great Banquet!

 The Citizens Alliance for Property Rights held their 10th Annual Washington State Banquet and Fundraiser last Saturday in Tukwila. In addition to being a fundraiser, this was the annual presentation of the McFarland Award and Legislator / Senator of the year awards. Activists, elected officials and citizens from all around Washington State converged in Tukwila to discuss property rights issues, attend the all day workshop and training sessions scheduled before the banquet.

We at CAPR want to thank all who attended our annual banquet and auction! Thank you for making our workshops about science, water, and administrative law so productive and interesting. With our knowledgeable presenters, and thoughtful, insightful attending activists the resulting networking will continue to produce more effective activists, strategies and successes around the state. Nobody ever said freedom was easy, and regaining the freedom we have lost is a tough fight. However, restoring our property rights is worth the effort. CAPR is grateful for our many bright successful members who are willing to share their expertise with us all!

Our accomplished and distinguished guest speaker, Reed Hopper, provided an excellent overview of Pacific Legal Foundation's important and precedent setting cases, and the deep constitutional roots those cases defended along with the stories of why the cases were needed. This thoughtful man captivated attendees with his words and deeds. Thank you, Mr. Hopper for your time and your work!

Those specially honored and appreciated by CAPR were presented with awards, Steve Hammond received the McFarland Award for his many years as the Paladin of Property Rights. Senator Kirk Pearson received the Senator Legislator of the year and was recognized for his stalwart support and attentive, welcoming service to citizens of this state. Senator Pearson has always been helpful working with CAPR in Olympia to promote property rights and freedom. Representative David Taylor received CAPR’s State Representative Legislator of the Year Award for his strong, principled support of constitutionally protected property rights. Representative Taylor proposed several bills this year which would have effectively solved the terribly destructive harm of the recent “Hirst” State Supreme Court Decision from last year. These men are all champions of liberty and CAPR is pleased to have had an opportunity to honor their work!

We at CAPR are grateful for the support shown by those in attendance, our members, friends, and allies. This is our most important fundraiser and helps CAPR to move through the coming year with strategies and actions to fight for the property rights of all! CAPR Thanks you, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s banquet on March 24, 2018. Remember to save the date. If you were not able to attend the banquet there are other great CAPR Events to attend! CAPR Spokane will have their annual dinner on May 6, and our second annual East Meets West Event in Ellensberg will be held in late September. This event is centered around learning about important property rights issues, and planning to understand and work on current and upcoming issues on a statewide basis. Great workshops and networking at this event, too! We hope to see you there! We know as we continue to build our membership and know one another better we will achieve respect for property rights East and West!

April 1, 2017