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Value Life to Value Property Rights

January 25, 2023

By Cindy Alia

Constitutional Abortion, can we value liberty and not value life?

SR 8202, Amending the Constitution to address reproductive freedom is objected to and should not be passed.  It is the opposite of the objectives to our State Constitution which explicitly professes, protects, and expands upon our God Given natural rights.  The words of the constitution expand upon positive rights and provides the citizens of this state with protection of those rights, they do not explicitly condone the taking of innocent lives.  To enter into our constitution a guarantee of the taking of innocent lives is wrong and is in itself unconstitutional. 

Spokane Advancing Tenant’s Rights Ordinance

“Is Big Brother Here in the City of Spokane?”

October 27, 2022

By Steve Corker, VP Landlord Association

            In 1949, an English author George Orwell published a novel warning against totalitarianism.  In the novel the all-seeing leader known as “Big Brother,” becomes a universal symbol for intrusive government and oppressive bureaucracy.

CAPR General Election Ratings

Most of us have received or soon will receive our ballots for the general election.  While the mail in ballot experience is not what many would consider optimal, we face the leap of faith voting experience we survived in 2020.  We do know there have been teams of dedicated people working to make this election more representative of what we believe it should be.  That said your vote is as important as it has ever been and we encourage all to get their completed ballot in.  It is worth noting there is a statewide race of importance, Secretary of State, where CAPR has rated three candidates including the write in candidate Brad Klippert, running against Steve Hobbs, and Julie Anderson.  They have been rated respectively according to their records and actions as related to property rights, with Brad Klippert receiving the highest rating among the three.

CAPR Ratings for 2022 Primary Candidates

By Cindy Alia, July 15, 2022

This posting has been updated on July 27th to reflect CAPR's reconsideration of the rating for Chad Magendanz, which has been upgraded and restored to outstanding.  This consideration resulted from a review of Chad Magendanz and his history of defending property rights, and his strength on CAPR Property Rights Issues.  In addition, Chad's responsiveness to CAPR concerns regarding other foundational bill of rights issues has led us to rate him Outstanding.

You should have gotten your ballot in the mail today!  Please be sure to vote in the Primary Election, the two candidates with the most votes will be listed on the General Election come November!

Board of Health to Hear Testimony on Changing the Keeping of Animals Rule


By Cindy Alia, June 6, 2022
Updated June 13, 2022

CAPR Opposes the Board of Health's new rule language in the Keeping of Animals Rule.

The hearing was held on Wednesday, June 8, at 1:30, 12 people registered to comment and were each limited to 2 minutes of comment.  Those who could not wrap up their comments in that time frame were simply cut off and silenced mid sentence.  The board seemed almost automatonic in both the presentation of the rule and the response to comments, and in the end were unmoved by for the most part, negative response to the rule by commentors. 

The board disregarded suggested improvement and moved to procede through the rule making process to update the rule.

Governor Inslee's Battle with Climate Change - Net Zero Will Affect You and Your Family Part 4

Part 4

By David Boleneus

Our State Colliding with Climate Insanity? 


5.1 To Protect “Eight emerging markets" from Climate — India, China, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria, and South Africa [South Africa repeated] — will together need $94.8 trillion in transition finance from developed markets if they are to meet PARIS climate goals. “India will need investments worth $12.4 trillion, nearly half of U.S. GDP, from developed nations to help its economy transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2060, according to Standard Chartered Plc.”

Governor Inslee's Battle with Climate Change - Net Zero Will Affect You and Your Family

CAPR Thanks Guest writer David Boleneus for his in depth analysis of Renewable and Net Zero Electric Grid Sources in this 4 part article.

Part 1



WHAT IS NET ZERO? Net Zero is living without emissions from fossil fuels, gas, diesel, coal natural gas. Living without emissions is good, but no one wants electricity blackouts from wind.


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