Consider the work and success of CAPR as you give this year! You can help!

Dear Friends, As CAPR enters our 14th year, we are reflecting on our many recent successes in our efforts to identify, educate, train, and mobilize property rights advocates, and to restore and defend property rights.

Our ongoing efforts and successes in 2016 include:

• EDUCATING citizens through our speakers’ bureau, reaching out to CAPR Chapters, Service Clubs, Schools, Civic Organizations and public hearings. (This service is available to anyone wanting to share the CAPR mission or who wants to hear our perspective.)

• TRAINING property owners and property rights advocates at our first “East-meets-West” training event, held in September at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

• MOBILIZING 1800 concerned citizens to attend meetings, we FOUGHT AND DEFEATED King County’s proposed tax on Onsite Septic Systems!!!

• EXPOSING government wrongdoing through public records research using the Public Records Request process to identify and expose false government claims and nefarious activities.

• EXPOSING NGO wrongdoing and defeating NGO attempts to infringe on property rights for example, in Sierra County California, where CAPR defeated an NGO’s attempt to remove owner-builder rights from timber parcels.

• INFORMING and mobilizing citizens and legislators using blog posts and social media at and our Facebook page to expand CAPR’s reach beyond our friends to networks of like-minded individuals across the country.

• STATE and local lobbying for property rights by our lobbyist, Cindy Alia, who attended boatloads of hearings and public meetings, offered testimony and rallied volunteer support.

• EDUCATING voters and holding politicians accountable using our PAC legislation rating system during legislative season, and our candidate rating systems during election season.

• FUNDRAISING banquet and workshops in March, to educate, train, and mobilize property rights advocates and generate income for CAPR activities.

• TALES OF TYRANNY VIDEOS, documenting the struggle of citizens to defend their property rights, and leveraging the emotional impact to restore property rights.

• PRECEDENT-SETTING LITIGATION to defend and restore property rights, including water rights (Fox v. Skagit case) and shoreline property rights (Jefferson County Shoreline Master Plan appeal).

This year has had its share of CHALLENGES. The recent Hirst decision by the Washington State Supreme Court puts into question the ability to use water from permit-exempt wells on private property, a ruling that conflicts with long-established state law. The Growth Management Act is getting older and is under review and scrutiny. New county commissioners have been elected around the state – many who are more friendly towards property rights than those who held the offices before.

CAPR is preparing and delivering testimony at every opportunity, to narrow the impact of the GMA and restore infringed rights for property owners.

SO HOW DID CAPR DO in 2016? We met the challenges. We were your voice. We fought for your property rights!! We used the resources you gave us effectively. Your donations and the time of our volunteers accomplished important work and let those who seek to take our rights and our property know that we are on the field of battle, and we are committed to WINNING.

At this time of year, when we focus on Thankfulness in our lives, and look toward next year, we hope you can include gratitude for CAPR and how much is accomplished for each donated dollar. We are an "Alliance" in the truest sense. Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights brings together the best expertise concerning the law, the land, the water and the people.

As your ally, we are asking for your financial support to continue fighting battles on your behalf. Visit now, go to our Support page, and join or renew your membership – there is strength in numbers! Then, please set up two recurring contributions: one to our 501(c)(3) Legal Fund for education, training, and outreach by our Executive Director, Glen Morgan, and one to our PAC to fund our lobbying efforts (including for our lobbyist, Cindy Alia), legislation ratings, and candidate ratings! Or you can just make a one-time donation to CAPR at

We at CAPR are grateful for the support you have given and we have used that support efficiently and effectively! Please be an important part of our future successes! Please do it right now, because for the next 15 days, we have matching funds available from several dedicated supporters that will double your contribution! Yours in freedom, Scott S. Shock, CAPR President

December 15, 2016