Corporate Environmentalists Gather for Extremist Agenda

While it is mind boggling to read the wildlife agendas of these combined Corporate Environmentalists, the one idea garnered for this event seems to be a kind of Environmentalist Anarchy that dismisses the needs of the public and private individuals. This type of thinking would have the terrible consequence of loss of rights to property owners, further lack of local legislative control, and additional harm to those Americans who labor to provide food to those of us who need their products.  Loss of mandated use of resources, and loss of access for the public. “What is the REAL reason for the agenda to clear people off of the land?” “Have the central bankers committed American lands as collateral for our massive debt?” What part in this scheme of land control do these groups play?  We know some of them, the Center for Biological Diversity a premier example, to be among the most productive users of the sue and settle schemes using the Endangered Species Act to play their prosperous game, with the lesser groups seeming to attempt to ride on the coat-tails of this group in the attempt to gain the crumbs. The Center for Biological Diversity seems to have daily lawsuits using the ESA to protect some animal or plant.  While this same action stifles the economy and the use of private and public property.  By now most of us have suffered at the hands of these types of Corporate Environmentalists hungering for never ending control. But at the same time the CBD has a less vibrant view of human beings.  Most likely excluding the importance and need of the planet for themselves. Let's not let these radicals cause the evolution of a Prosperous America to suffer a downward spiral into extinction.  

June 27, 2014