The Cost of Banning Mineral Rights Production

Should at some point those who wish to ban, delay, or over-regulate the development of resources be held financially accountable? Laws and regulations that prohibit production are the fashion of the year, an interest with exaggerated zeal created by fear tactics and often unsubstantiated concerns over the environment. Those who wish to ban or cause banning should consider the losses.  These things you fear are also the things you need and use. There is also the very real cost in financial terms to the property owners and share holders of these rights, and the tax-payers may be left with the responsibility of compensating for those losses of production.  Mineral rights production and employment lost due to the de facto banning caused by foot dragging, law suits, and over regulation by Corporate Environmentalists and State and Federal governments  certainly lead to unintended socio-economic losses.  Can those without jobs pay mortgages or rent?  Can they have wellness without wealth?  

June 28, 2014