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Hirst Decision by Supreme Court unleashes wrath of "Futurewise" upon property owners by taking their water

The recent Washington State Supreme Court decision Hirst vs. W. Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (“Hirst”) opens a new offensive against individual property rights and common sense; and it continues the trend of legislative rule making by our Supreme Court. The ruling is disastrous for property rights.  This is just part of the story.  The impacts are likely to be much greater than people realize.  There are actions you can take to make a difference.

Stifling Human Ingenuity by Design

There is something cruel and malignant in today’s Central Planning departments.  It is manifested in a desire to force everyone into “compliance” and “submission” to “The Plan” found in every city, county and state in America.  Perhaps you don’t think this matters to you, but you will be made to care eventually.
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