Grizzly News!

The new National Park Service is here to help you... If you think the reintroduction of wolves has been dangerous and contentious, lets see how we all fare when the reintroduction of grizzly bears is accomplished. Imaging a perfect world where people, wolves, and grizzlies all share the same place on the planet! Or not! There will be several public scoping open house meetings...this is a new way to say public comment period, regarding the "restoration" of grizzly bears to the north Cascades. North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan/Environmental Impact Statement The Public Scoping Newsletter, a new way to say public notice of the Environmental Impact Statement, is available here at this link: And the notice for public meetings, at this link here: These meetings will come up fairly quickly starting with 3/3/2015 and running in various locations through 3/11/2015. The public comment period for sending in your comments is 02/13/2015 - 03/26/2015 so don't miss that deadline, and submit your comment at this linked page: Your written comments are important, when comments are released, do you want to see the folks in favor of this have flooded the comment section with their cut and paste legions? If you are opposed to "living with grizzly bears" then you, your family, friends, and fellow members of organizations that will be impacted should get the word out and send in comments!

February 16, 2015