Grizzly Times

North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan It is getting very near time for the Public Comment Period on this proposed plan to close. Please take the time to comment now, and make your views known to the Federal Government! Here is a link to the page that makes it quick and easy to provide official comment. For your reference, see the comments made by Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights. The proposed Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan is not compatible with Washington State Law. See 77 .12.035 Protection of grizzly bears - Limitation on transplantation or introduction - Negotiations with federal and state agencies. The commission shall protect grizzly bears and develop management programs on publicly owned lands that will encourage the natural regeneration of grizzly bears in areas with suitable habitat. GrizzJy bears shall not be transplanted or introduced into the state. Only grizzly bears that are native to Washington state may be utilized by the department for management programs. The department is directed to fully participate in all discussions and negotiations with federal and state agencies relating to grizzly bear management and shall fully communicate, support, and implement the policies of this section. "The National Park Service (NPS) and the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) jointly preparing a North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (Plan/EIS)." If this is a joint plan then the agencies must coordinate with State Governmental agencies, and should also include coordination with local legislative entities. Citizen's Alliance for Property Rights finds this level of Preparation for a Restoration Plan is not in evidence as provided by information presented to the public. Please revise your plan and provided information accordingly.

March 23, 2015