How to Appeal Your Property Valuation

CAPR has noticed certain practices in King County Governance that ignore the devaluation of a property caused by a nuisance.  Neighboring properties may have operations which cause enough of a nuisance to devalue the use and enjoyment of your property.  If you are living in such a situation, CAPR recommends and appeal to King County independent board of appeals for your property tax assessment.  The form is linked here: 

Along with other Property Rights issues, CAPR will discuss the use of these forms at the June 28th Property Rights Wine and Dessert Event at 7 to 9 pm, we will have forms on hand there for your to learn about and use.  


To appeal your property tax assessment, you must submit your appeal petition to the King County Board of Equalization within 60 days of the day the assessor mailed the Official Property Value Notice with your new 2017 assessed value.  You may either file your appeal electronically by creating a user account and completing the appeal on line at: , or you can download a copy of the real property appeal petition at: .  If you download the form, you may either complete it electronically or print the blank form, fill it out by hand.  Either way, print two copies and mail them to the Board of Equalization at the address indicated on the form.

Whether you file electronically or with a hard copy, the appeal petition is largely self-explanatory.  On line 1, the Account/Parcel Number of your property is printed on your Official Property Value Notice.  On line 2, provide your name address and contact information as requested. On line 3(a) insert the Assessor’s values for land, improvements and total value. On line 3(b) insert your estimate of the land, improvement and total value.  Remember that the value impact from the noxious fumes from Cedar Hills reduces the land value, not the improvement value.

On line 4, identify the reasons you believe the assessor has overvalued your property.  The adverse impact of the noxious fumes can be described as follows: “The assessor’s estimate of value does not adequately reflect the negative impact on the value of my property from the increased frequency and severity of noxious odors emitted from the Cedar Hills waste disposal facility.”

Sign and date the petition where indicated on line 6.  Check the box to request the information the assessor used in valuing your property.

Complete the petition form by answering the questions on lines 7 through 11 on the back of the petition.  Also, check the box stating that you intend to submit additional documentary evidence to the board of equalization, and answer the questions regarding potential conflicts of interest at the bottom of the form. 

June 20, 2017