January 8 is day one of the 60 day legislative session in Washington State

Updated December 27, 2023

By Cindy Alia

CAPR reads and rates bills that will impact property rights!  We will continue to fight for your life, liberty, and property!  Our team is reading and rating bills as they are published you can view the CAPR legislative rating page at this link.   Be patient, there is a lot of information that loads with that page!  

Please read bills of interest to you.  You can find the bills that have been pre-filed beginning on December 4 at this legislative website link.  On January 8,the listed pre-filed bills will become searchable on the legislative website by bill number under the bill information page. 

There are a few bills CAPR will support as being in favor of, and we hope to see more liberty oriented bills introduced that we can read, rate, and take action on!

HB 1863 Concerning payment for surveys of state-owned aquatic lands by current or prospective lessees of such lands.

HB 1872 Establishing accountability requirements for homeless housing grant programs. (Especially like this bill)

HB 1899 Facilitating reconstruction of communities damaged or destroyed by wildfires.

There are more bills before and during session that will deserve attention, please keep track here on the CAPR website, and consider signing up for our email updates, which can come fast and furious durring session as we monitor the bills, their progress, and likelihood of passage!

Make sure you take the time to email and call your representatives and senator to let them know what you think about proposed legislation!  We at CAPR know from experience the action taken by CAPR members can inflence the outcome of proposed legislation,  Thank you CAPR members!

All legislative emails are formatted thus: firstname.lastname@leg.wa.gov




October 23, 2023