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Axed The Movie: New Documentary To Expose The Green Movement

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If conservatives learned anything from the recent election, we should have learned that we have to find new ways to articulate our viewpoints to a culture with a short attention span and little tolerance for dry policy discussions. We must be very creative in our methods if we are to not only grab the attention of the American public but also inspire them to take action at a time when many conflicting interests are pulling them in opposite directions. Dinesh Dsouza got creative when he produced his documentary film 2016: Obama’s America. One could argue that the film didn’t do enough since Obama won reelection despite the film’s warnings. However, 2016 educated millions that never would have gotten the message in any other way. I used a unique medium, fiction, in my novel Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment to explore some “what if” scenarios regarding the modern day “green” movement. Fiction allowed me to explore the possibilities and the economic and national security repercussions of the green movement continuing to have its way within our regulatory agencies.  Now a new filmmaker seeks to educate and to call to action with his new film project entitled: Axed The Movie. This documentary, currently in production, will expose the tyranny of the modern day “green”movement.  The film is to be independently produced with absolutely no ties to any non-profit group, private industry, or corporation. I recently spoke to the film’s producer Jeffrey D. King. c.s. Describe your film to me. What will be the “take away” of this film for your audience? j.k.          Axed is a film that will expose how the green movement is rotten; it’s bad for prosperity; it will destroy everything this nation stands for; and in most cases, it is even worse for the environment than not “being green.” The film will also show what is the driving force (ideas and worldviews) behind the green movement on a local and global level, and will demonstrate how these beliefs (earth worship and collectivism) are not new to Earth, only are being manifested differently. Most importantly, Axed will give us hope, plan for victory, and show us to break the grimy green chains that bind us.   c.s. What motivated you to make this film? How did you become concerned about the green movement?   j.k.          I grew up in a beautiful, remote valley in southwestern Montana. We’re talking like 65 miles from the nearest stoplight or convenience store. I worked on a luscious cattle ranch nestled beneath snow-capped mountain peaks. I loved God’s amazing creation and took great delight in managing the land, and watching and shooting wildlife, both with my camera, as well as with my rifle to put meat in the freezer for the family. I feel at home when there are pristine rivers, vast forests, and wild places near-by. I was a homeschool boy who spent lots of time learning how to think for myself and reading books on worldview and the creation vs. evolution debates, but, spent even more time traipsing around exploring the world around me. It was there that I became acquainted with the green assault on this country, specifically on rural America– her heart and soul. Freedom, nature, and our green enemies connect intimately with me at the core of my being. In a way, I’m from the front lines. The last two years of my life have been dedicated to exposing the fraud, corruption, lies, theft, and profiteering by the federal government (USFWS) and environmental advocacy groups regarding the reintroduction of wolves into my back yard and the rest of America (That was what my first film, Crying Wolf, was about www.cryingwolfmovie.com/store).   c.s. Have there always been concerns about the green movement or has a previously good movement been hijacked?   j.k.          Yes, it has been hijacked. There were – and still are remnants of –good somewhere within the green movement. Clean air, clean water, and clean land are things to be desired. There were cases of extreme pollution and waste, and this fueled the movement, and it was very successful at that. Car pollution was reduced nearly 99%. Similar stats can be applied to the quality of air in places like Pittsburgh and L.A. But at its core the green movement is no longer about cleaning things up a bit. It’s about getting rid of and shutting down all industry, and eliminating mankind’s active involvement in the stewardship of and wise use of our planet’s resources. It’s a philosophy of poverty that oppresses the poor, ruins our national sense of enterprise and entrepreneurship, wastes our natural resources, and is an outright retreat from obeying the first mandate given to us by our Creator– to take dominion over the earth, the animals, and plants, and to subdue it and make it productive, for the glory of God, the advancement of His kingdom and gospel, and for the benefit of mankind.   c.s. In your research so far, who are you seeing as the “big players” in the green movement? Is the UN driving the rest of the movement or is it the other way around?   j.k.          I’m hoping to really hammer the big players in this film. The UN, people and agencies within the federal government, some states, and the host of their minions– the NGO’s. The Center for Biological Diversity is one of the worst of the green hoard, and the huge corporations like Patagonia, North Face, and REI that start NGOs, advocate for their cause, and financially support them, need to be exposed. I hope they are reading this right now and quivering in their shoes!   c.s. We just lost an election and the next one is still two years away. What can citizens who are concerned about the green movement do to slow it down until then?   j.k           Get connected and active on the local level. That’s the best way to resist. They are winning our culture, but I believe it’s only because we have abdicated our responsibility. We have checked out of the fight. History is on our side. The facts are on our side. The science is on our side. The Truth is on our side. Freedom is on our side. It’s easy to win the game if your opponents don’t show up! It’s high time to get back in the battle! Let’s get out the grindstones, sharpen our axes, and start chopping down the lies, myths, and half-truths about the green movement!   Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment. He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his

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