Legislators Move to Exempt Elections Security Information from Public Disclosure

HB 1068 is moving through the legislative process and has been sent to the House Rules Committee.  This does not mean the fight to stop the bill from passage is over, you can still make your opinion known to legislators.  

Here is the link to 1068  where you can see the sponsors of the bill, DolanValdezKlobaGregersonWylie one has got to wonder why secrecy not for voter information, but for the elections process is so important to this group of sponsors.  After all transparency benefits all citizens and one day could also be beneficial to them if a day comes where seeking the truth about the process should become important to them.

People who question the transparency of the elections process, and seek to make improvement to the process oppose this bill.  Information is key to improvement and integrity in elections.  Here is the link to the bill text of the house substitute bill.

The bill is not a done deal yet, it still must pass from the rules committee for a vote on the floor of the house, and then go through the bill hearing process in the senate.  At this point in the process, contact your senator and representative, and also contact the representatives on the rules committee here to make your opinion on the bill known: Rules Committee Members and Staff (wa.gov)  Call or email, the phone numbers to these members are in the link, and all legislators emails are thus: first name.lastname@leg.wa.gov 


January 28, 2021