Liberty Oriented Organizations Featuring Washington Sensible Shorelines Association


By Cindy Alia

CAPR is interested in and grateful for other organizations that focus on a fair, balanced, scientifically sound, and well managed regulatory means.  It is not enough for government to regulate and leave forgetting the long term management best practices, rather, an ideal regulatory environment would include sensible solutions and management strategies that would serve the purposes of long term goals that are acheivable and workable and that include the experiences and dare say expertise of those living in the working environment.  

CAPR celebrates the tenacity in advocating for fair treatment and good management in the Bellevue/Lake Sammamish shorline management practices displayed by Washington Sensible Shorelines Association!  Meet representatives of Washington Sensible Shorelines Association at the Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Annual Banquet March 23, 2024!

“Washington Sensible Shorelines Association was founded in 2008 by citizens who wanted to make sure property owners were treated fairly under a Shoreline Master Program update that Bellevue was undergoing in 2008.  WSSA advocates for a balance between the property owner’s rights, responsibilities, and evolving environmental regulations.

Our ongoing role, and the purpose of this website, is to keep shoreline property owners informed of shoreline issues as they arise, and of changes to regulatory policy pertaining to our shoreline areas. Our focus of late has been the highwater events that take place on Lake Sammamish, due to inadequate drainage capacity at the single outlet, the Sammamish River.”

Video: History of Lake Washington and Sammamish


Learn more and provide your support by visiting the WSSA website:



March 17, 2024