Property Rights and Freedom Webinar Series Part 16

Hosted by Scott Shock, Cindy Alia, and Gary Hagland

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Changes to AFFH
Featuring Jeffrey McMorris, Regional Director of HUD

Topic of Discussion
HUD Programs,
AFFH –Affirmatively Further Fair Housing
And changes by Secretary Ben Carson related to
AFFH with a rule called
Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice
Impact or Improvement as related to Washington State

Jeffery McMorris provided a detailed and interesting take on HUD, AFFH, PCNC, and his duties in HUD Region 10.

He also referred to the Federal Register, this is the website where one can find information on administrative rule-making by Federal Agencies.  It is also a place where one can comment on proposed rules, or read the text of rules that have become effective.  This is for all Federal Agencies with rule making authority.  A good way to become factually informed.  I have seen situations where rule making has changed, been halted, or revised due to comments from people and organizations, well worth the effort!

September 28, 2020