Property Rights The Challenges and the Positive Momentum of 2013.

Those who wish to preserve and protect property rights have faced many challenges in the year 2013, those challenges and many more will face us in the coming year 2014. On the other side of the coin, though, are the positive works of many individuals and organizations coming together to stand up for their liberties. We are also fortunate to have representatives in government both at the state level and at the federal level who are working on these same goals. It is well worth our while to support those in public and private life who are laboring to protect our property rights. In brief, a look at what is faced. The United Nations and Agenda 21 The Endangered Species Act The Environmental Protection Agency The National Park Service The Growth Management Act The Shoreline Management Act The Shoreline Management Programs Water Rights/Legislation Eminent Domain Public/Private Partnerships Federal Overreach and Local Compliance Watering down and misinterpretation of our constitutional property rights One of the goals of Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights is to reach out to and work with like-minded individuals and organizations. This is not to say that all think alike, but that we have common goals, and are appreciative enough of our liberty to at least want to protect it! The success in achieving this goal is evident in the many different individuals who are members of CAPR and the many different backgrounds they represent. People from a wide spectrum of the political parties, and many independents are represented in the membership of CAPR. Likewise, people from all levels of financial backgrounds involve themselves in membership and working together. Individuals from very rural to very densely populated hometowns are involved and actively working together to fight for their property rights. We all know when one individual’s rights are denied the rights of all are denied. To further that goal, we will look at the affronts to our liberty, in depth, and together educate and inform ourselves, working toward the goal of restoring our constitutional property rights. Intentionally, those who subscribe to our newsletter are not bothered by a constant barrage of notices, but communicating the information about the various problems being faced is important. So a series of more frequent, but informative newsletters will hopefully be welcomed. Inform your decisions, and see how you can help. Much has been accomplished, and there is much to accomplish. Looking forward to the year 2014 and all it has in store for us. Begin this series of informational newsletters with a look at: The United Nations and Agenda 21. A few short years ago, those aware of the Agenda 21 were radical tin hat fashionistas. Yet these far-out individuals have made something of a splash. To the point where those who support this form of idealism are not only admitting they exist, but protesting they have anything but good intentions. A look at the facts are in order, what is it that these people say and do? Do you think the notions of the way the world should be that are espoused here are compatible with your own ideals? And are the methods they would choose to use similar to what you would choose to apply? Or is the understanding of those listed below more in concert with what you think? And now, a film by those whose favorite words are “crisis” and “new” The subject of the United Nations and Agenda 21 is a very complex one where endless research and surprising, dismaying facts and actions will be discovered. This is certainly an area where action is required. The influence is far reaching and will have tremendous impact on your property rights and your way of living. The implementation of the ideals and programs attached to Agenda 21 and the United Nations are not inexpensive and come at a heavy price. Your thoughts and actions are welcomed by CAPR. Please look at our website, blog, and facebook page. Attend a meeting near you.  

December 30, 2013