PSNERP Continues to Provide Controversy

The Army Corp of Engineers and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife continue to provide controversy with their proposed Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Projects. These 11 Billion dollar tax-payer funded plans most certainly need closer scrutiny by the tax-paying public. Snohomish County Watch provides a closer look at one of the projects this Billion Dollar Boondoggle encompases. This portion of the PSNERP proposed to undo the lifelong work of Rone Brewer, a member of the Washington Water Fowl Association to help in creating farmed land for waterfowl management and public access as part of a past ACE/WDFW restoration project. Now that work will be destroyed. In this document prepared by Oregon State University for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, titled "Envisioning Puget Sound Alternative Futures PSNERP Final Report" it is shown that the PSNERP has been planned for years even though it has only recently been introduced to the public at large, including municipal governments. The document also shines a light on the goal driven agenda of the WDFW and ACE. The document explores growth management and " It provides a policy centric, spatially-explicit alternative futures scenario capability that is well suited to modeling key biophysical and socio-cultural processes at the temporal and spatial grains of human decision-making that drive landscape change." A current look at Title 77 RCW FISH AND WILDLIFE does not reveal any legislative intent for the Department of Fish and Wildlife to become engaged in or to spend tax-payer monies on Growth Management: Extensive details and maps of proposed projects in the PSNERP are viewable here:

December 5, 2014