Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project

The Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosytem Restoration Project, PSNERP, http://www.pugetsoundnearshore.org/ will have comment on their NEPA until November 24. http://pugetsoundnearshore.org/outreach.html Online comments can be submitted here: http://bit.ly/PSNearshore That said, a project with the intention of destroying farmland that will be ruined for this and future generations could hardly be called a restoration, since it never was what it will be "restored" to. This project can hardly be called wise stewardship of land. What will the citizens of this state have if they do not have adequate farmland? Why did the governmental powers that be work on this project for 11 years without a word to the public, and then suddenly reveal it, leaving very short notice for the public to become involved? PSNERP is a project to supposedly restore 11 selected sites between King and Whatcom Counties over a number of years. The project(s) calls for lowering and punching holes in dikes and levies and removing shore bulkheads and armoring, among other things. All of this is to allow nearshore land to return to a supposed pre-Columbian marshy state that will foster a better environment for salmon. Unfortunately, much of the affected area to be returned to its “natural” state is now productive farm land and/or private land used for other purposes. The total cost is estimated as $1.1 billion. Snohomish County Watch has posted this informative article explaining the Project: PSNERP: An Expensive and Ill-Fated Experiment http://snoco.watch/2014/11/psnerp-an-expensive-and-ill-fated-experiment/

November 20, 2014