SB 5038 Outlawing Open Carry in Washington State

The Washington State Senate passed SB 5038 Prohibiting the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol.  The title is misleading and would in fact prohibit the open carry rights, the right to bear arms in many circumstances across the state.  Your A2 rights are under attack.  This proposed law passed the senate 28/20. 

The bill passed the house by 57/40 with Representative Walsh refusing to vote on the bill because it is clearly unconstitutional.  Rep. Jim Walsh speaks out against unconstitutional open carry bill on the House floor

This battle is not over, the house amended the bill and so it must return to the senate for another vote if it is to become law.  The significant amendment was to add an emergency clause which would eliminate the opportunity for a people's referendum on bill, putting it to a vote of the people.  The senate can nullify that amendent in its hearing, it is the least that can be done.  The bill should be voted down in its entirety, such a significant change to the state constitution should only be done by a vote of the people, the citizens of Washington state.

Especially in these times when we are banned from the legislative process, this bill and amendment should not go forward, it is now up to the senate to make the next move.  You must let your senator know how you want him or her to vote.  Send an email by finding your district here, or call the legislative hotline 800 562 6000 and direct your senator to vote as you wish.  

March 30, 2021