Seeking Justice by Electing Justices Who Respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law

  • Many persons seek the protection of their property rights and relief from over-reaching or misapplied regulatory actions and want to have that relief from our Judicial system.  But what if the highest court in our State has strayed from the rule of law and constitutional decision making and into the arena of problem solving with decisions best left to another branch of government, the legislature?  The result is a Washington Supreme Court that cannot be relied on to deliberate rather than legislate.  Policy is not the purview of the Supreme Court, decisions based on statutory and constitutional rights is the correct function of the Washington State Supreme Court.  This separation of powers as described in the Washington State Constitution is of the utmost importance in establishing true equity for all citizens of the state of Washington.  A new State Supreme Court with respect of constitutional law is needed now.


  • Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights PAC (CAPR) rates legislators and those who seek state office, and rate those candidates based on our research of past records and accomplishments as they relate to upholding constitutional property rights.


  • We are pleased to announce the candidates CAPR has rated as best to hold the positions of State Supreme Court Justices.  These individuals have impressive records, and most importantly, these three learned and well respected candidates have a firm grasp and understanding of the doctrine of separation of powers and will not seek to impose their will on an equal but separate branch of government, the legislature.  This set of candidate bodes well for the protections of property rights and by their nature, the rights of all citizens of Washington State! 


  • Candidates rated as good for the Washington Supreme Court
  • David DeWolfe, Professor DeWolfe has written accurately and clearly as he has immersed himself deeply in Washington State Law and is a premier source for reference to understanding constitutional law.  He has instructed law students for 28 years and has recently retired from Gonzaga Law School.  He looks forward to dedicating his work to the duty of defending the law and the constitution.
  • Dave Larson, Judge Dave Larson is currently the presiding Judge for Federal Way Municipal Court, after having worked as a trial lawyer for 23 years.  Judge Larson has been rated “AV Preeminent” by his peers, which according to Martindale-Hubbell is "the highest peer rating standard. This rating signifies that the lawyer's reviewed peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal knowledge, communication skills and ethical standards.” 
  • Greg Zempel, Greg Zempel has served as the elected Kittitas County Prosecutor for 22 years.  Popular and well respected in his community, he has focused on victims constantly striving to assure their statutory and constitutional rights are held to be as important as the rights of defendants.  His compassion in serving is evident in his help in creating the Sexual Assault Interagency Coalition, and an organization called Protecting Our Children.  He created a bad check enforcement program which assisted businesses while providing offenders a way to avoid criminal prosecution if they were successful with repayment and education.  He assisted in creating the Kittitas County Drug Court which functions to change the lives of drug addicts whose criminal conduct impacts communities.


September 3, 2016