Senate Bill 5043 Building Teacher Housing - Is Anyone Embarrassed Yet?

By Cindy Alia 3/30/21

SB 5043 is a bill to build teacher housing, this attempt to use an antiquated law to "allow" voters to use bonds to provide teacher housing in every district across the state.

The bill has progressed quite far to date, passed the senate 24/25, and is now progressed to the House Capital Budget Committee, even though the bill sponsor appears to be ignorant on the details of his own bill, and questions raised by the house were not able to be answered.  

The actual question is should property owners even have to face paying for this perk for teachers through their property taxes even while they struggle with their own tax burden and difficulty in making ends meet in these times of state sponsored financial distress.

Watch this video for an example of the efficacy of a "virtual" session, and an agenda driven legislative session.  It would be laughable if it were not so important to have direct representation.  The obvious inadequacy of this system calls to question the validity of this legislative session where in person questioning of legislators for clarity on a bill or suggestions to support, oppose, or improve a bill in real time simply does not exist.  Even our best legislators are working with one hand tied behind their backs because they do not hear from us in a timely fashion.


March 30, 2021