Skagit CAPR Hosts Dr. Tim Ball

On Friday, May 30th at 7:00 PM, Professor (Emeritus) Tim Ball, University of Winnipeg, provided  a riveting presentation on the climate and efforts to politicize it, titled: The Climate: Science Based on Evidence.  Professor Ball’s presentation was the third in a series of presentations sponsored by the Skagit CAPR Chapter in 2014. 

Professor Ball has studied the climate for over 40 years and says that he has watched his chosen discipline hijacked for a political agenda and funding reasons.  When he began his academic career, global cooling was the concern.  Now,  global warming is hyped as mankind’s most serious threat despite the fact that there’s been no statistical warming in the last decade and a half even though the level of atmospheric CO2 continues to rise. 

Professor Ball's latest book, The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, is a withering critique on the current state of climate science, which is no longer science at all but the purveyor of false information and analysis in the service of a political agenda and the expectation of more grant money.  A subtitle to Dr. Ball's presentation should have been, "Global Warming:  The Biggest Deception in History."

The following presentations are both informative and entertaining and well worth the time it takes to view them.   Click on the thumbnails to view.

 1.  Introduction

2.  Paradigm Shift - Environmentalism

3.  Constant Climate Change

4.  The Failure of Computer Models

5.  What's the Motive?

6.  Data Manipulation & Omissions

7.  Questions

November 4, 2014