Skagit CAPR's Water Rights TV Spots

In 2014, our chapter sponsored five TV spots on the Comcast system aimed at raising awareness of the real threat to property rights in Skagit County.  This is a trend that is seen across the entire country.  Unfortunately, the situation in Washington is as bad or worse than any other state and Skagit seems to be ground zero.  In this day and age, too many people, especially bureaucrats and elected officials, do not appreciate the fact that property rights are absolutely necessary to preserve our freedoms and ensure prosperity. 

In 2015, we are again sponsoring TV messages, but this year the concentration is on Skagit County’s most serious problem -- thousands of property owners deprived or having limited access to the water on their own land due to the In-stream Flow Rule.  Flawed beyond belief and based on spurious science, the Skagit IFR is a political weapon used by the Department of Ecology with the support of Environmental NGO’s and tribal interests to pursue an ideological agenda. 

Click on the thumbnails to view the two TV spots on YouTube.

Water Rights

In-stream Flow

Just Water Alliance provides a history of the Skagit IFR.  A brief timeline can be found here.   Its controversial creation with Ecology’s machinations revealed are here.  

November 4, 2014