Skagit County In Stream Flow Rule Leads to Lawsuit Fox vs Skagit County

Throughout the State of Washington Land Use is being controlled through the In Stream Flow Rules of the Department of Ecology. In Skagit County this lead to a retired couple being denied building permits. The process is so convoluted and is such an affront to justice for not only this couple but also for nearly 500 homeowners and 5,500 landowners within the Skagit Watershed who do not have legal access to water in Ecology’s legal opinion. The retired couple is now in court seeking justice in their case. Fox vs Skagit County is a case which may have far reaching impact for many citizens of this state. This is an important case that is worth following and worth support from property owners across the state. Many of these property owners are not aware of the precarious position they are in due to the DOE opinion of water rights. The In Stream Flow Rules apply to property owners state wide. For the history of Water Rights, In Stream Flow Rule, and to follow and support this case, use this Just Water Alliance website:

August 16, 2014