Spectacular Win by NCLA Protects Property Owners from Agencies and Judicial Deference!

The New Civil Liberties Alliance has gained a huge win in protecting property owners and others from Agencies wielding judicial deference against Americans, returning due process to the rule of law to court decisions!  

"“Today’s decision vindicates the rule of law. By ending Chevron deference, the Court has taken a major step to shut down unlawful power grabs by federal agencies and to preserve the separation of powers. Going forward, judges will be charged with interpreting the law faithfully, impartially, and independently, without deference to the government. This is a win for individual liberty and the Constitution.”
— Roman Martinez, Latham & Watkins partner who delivered oral argument in the Relentless case"

Read this NCLA press release describing the landmark victory this exemplary organization accomplished, and how you are now protected from judicial deference in court decisions involving agencies.



July 1, 2024