Todd Herman interviews Tyler Miller - Legislative Lockout

Hazardous Liberty has cancelled this January 11th Event.

"Due to our political leaders being non-responsive and the 100% likelihood that our event will be hijacked by people with ulterior motives, we have decided to cancel the Legislative Lockout event. Please support the other rallies that are happening in and around Olympia this weekend and coming week."

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Public access to legislators work in a constitutionally based form and using constitutionally based methods.

Hazardous Liberty Website for details on this January 11th Event

Article 2, Section 11 of the Washington State Constitution REQUIRES that all meetings of the state legislature are to be open to the public unless secrecy requires otherwise;

"We are not anticipating there being a large number of legislators on any given day. However, on the first day of the session there must be a sufficient number in each chamber to constitute a quorum. This will allow them to officially change the rules that will allow the rest of the virtual participation. There will also be a certain number of each house there each day to run the virtual sessions." 

December 16, 2020