Turd Tax Is An Ongoing Battle

The outrage against a King County's attempt to assess a fee and require monitoring for all On-site Septic Systems (OSS) gave birth to a new organization, Citizens Opposed to OSS Management Washington (COOMWA).  Key volunteers offer their skills in Septic System Design, Hydrology, Construction, Real Estate, Law and Community Outreach.  They are supported by a huge group of OSS owners who face $20-60,000 upgrades on systems that should be permitted for simple repairs.  No longer will property owners be permitted to install the simple gravity systems.   And along with the new engineered systems come the required maintenance contracts.  Until a contract is signed and filed with King County, OSS are not permitted for use.

COOMWA is currently reviewing the County's 41-page DRAFT of a new Plan.   It is available for review at http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/ehs/wastewater/2016-oss-plan-update.aspx

Additional documents and information are available for review at COOMWA.org.   That website also allows visitors to sign up for ongoing newsletters.

August 12, 2016