Vaccine Mandate Litigation Washington State and Federal Cases Increase

By Cindy Alia

December 17, 2021

As noted in this post, there is a court case seeking injunctive relief for the House of Representatives plan to bar or ban unpapered and unvaccinated Representatives and constituents from full participation in person of the legislative process for the 2022 session.  But there is more happening in Washington state related to the unequal treatment of individuals based on COVID mandates.

A lawsuit filed by Judge David Larson bears an unusual claim for damage, harm or injury, but his legal arguments are very good and valuable for the read and reasoning.  Judge Larson has filed a federal complaint, while our representatives and their constituents have filed a complaint in state court.  Both of these cases are facilitated by the Silent Majority Foundation 

This mandate complaint in Clallam County has merit as it seeks injuncttive relief for irreparable harm due to a county mandate which violates equal protection under the laws, is arbitrary and capricious and is not narrowly tailored.

In this filing, Peter Walton requests relief for discrimatory action in reference to what many in Washington state viewed as outrageous steps taken by Governor Inslee and state agencies that appeared to be outside of and above the intent of law.  Thoughtful work, Mr. Walton!  His motion for discretionary review is also well appreciated.

There are court cases filed on the federal level which are finding a degree of success in gaining relief from federal or presidential mandates, the relief sought against forced vaccination has been turning the tide of tyranny through this request for injunctive relief for health care workers employed by providers of Medicaid or Medicare (CMS) which the judge expanded to all 50 states based on this relief request, but which has since been appealed in the 5th circuit court resulting in a narrowing of the injunction and it now only applies to 24 states.

On December 7, this order of declaratory and injunctive relief against enforcement of Executive Order 14042 in  THE STATE OF GEORGIA, et al., Plaintiffs, CIVIL ACTION NO.: 1:21-cv-163 v. JOSEPH R. BIDEN, in his official capacity as President of the United States, et al., Defendants, was granted and protection of federal contractors and sub-contractors from vaccine mandates was accomplished.  This injunction was applied nationwide.  

The cases against mandated vaccination or coerced behavior seem to be increasing, though the cases do not always survive appeal they are at least acknowledged.  Appreciation of our system of governance and the separation of powers that is intended to exist still sings in the hearts of many Americans.  We are grateful to the people bringing forth these cases.


December 18, 2021