Wahkiakum County Property Owners Face Shoreline Ordinances

Having successfully fought of a planned National Heritage Area, Property Owners now want direct input to these processes of Shoreline and Land Use Ordinances.     As Wahkiakum County moves into updating its shoreline and land use ordinances, one may be certain there will be vigorous public input. Two members of the Wahkiakum County Real Property Rights Advisory Board questioned the county board of commissioners Tuesday about plans and processes. County commissioners formed the committee three years ago when a group of citizens objected to including the county in a proposed national heritage area. The board is charged with advising the board of commissioners on issues affecting property in the county, and so far, it has had little opportunity. Property Rights again at risk with carrot and stick schemes. If production and the economy of a county is limited, then the local government often feels it can not survive without government funding. "There are advantages to having updated plans, Brady commented. State and federal funding agencies require them, and the county needs that money for various services it provides." http://www.waheagle.com/news/article.exm/2014-06-25_property_rights_group_wants_say_in_land_use_issues  

June 29, 2014