Washington City Re-establishes Americanism with Resolution Against Segregation

Its almost like Bonney Lake is in America!  If the administrative state and executive branches could recognize where they are situated Washington State could begin to thrive. 

This Washington State City is led by a mayor and City Council that fully understands constitutionally protected rights, privacy rights, and informed consent and the right to refusal in medical decisions.  This patriotism has been expressed by the City of Bonney Lake in a formal resolution signed by Mayor Neil Johnson Jr., congratulations Bonney Lake!  

We at CAPR appreciate your bravery, honesty, patriotism and the final sentence in the resolution: "The City of Bonney Lake supports freedom of choice for all our citizens and those in our business community and supports their judgment to do what is prudent to ensure their free expression as listed in the Declaration of Independence for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness." 

May 28, 2021