Washington DOE Lacks Credibility

Many property owners have little faith in the operations at DOE. There are just too many instances of the department seeming to be run on ideology and not on facts. Watch the video of Senator Pam Roach's hearing on the GMA linked in this article. You will see the DOE in action trying to answer Senator Roach's questions proving he is woefully inadequate to the job. Ideology will only get you so far... http://citizenreviewonline.org/the-growth-management-act-just-another-central-planning-failure/#more-2663 The Freedom Foundation has been perusing documents from the DOE and is reading some dismaying statements. These statements are also strong on ideology and week on fact. Our government was not created to hunt or harass landowners, but it seems that is the sport at present time. No wonder citizens are fed up... http://watchdogwire.com/northwest/2014/07/22/wa-doe-official-who-saw-landowner-as-prey-is-a-failed-fringe-politician/

July 23, 2014