Washington State Vaccine Mandates - Citizen Reaction

Medical Freedom and Informed Consent 

Updated 9/27/21

We witness not Vaccine Hesitancy; we witness individuals asserting the Right to Refuse a Medical Treatment.  We have come to the time when citizens must decide what is most important the rule of man or the rule of law.  Tyranny will last as long as it is tolerated and abided, many seek to gain refuge in the state and federal constitutions either by following the rule of law, or litigating to ensure the rule of law is honored.  There will be a Medical Freedom rally on Oct 3, 1-4pm at the capitol for those who would like to add their voices to the voices of other like-minded individuals.

Any person who wishes to become vaccinated may easily do so, often at no cost.  Yet, individuals pursuing their rights in individual medical or religious decision making and liberty free of coercion, force, or intimidation must undergo efforts to retain those rights even though Governor Inslee’s proclamations are issued outside of and above the law.  The governor even in a continuous “state of emergency” does not have the authority to mandate what has not been enacted by the legislature.  The governor’s attempts at mandate places a burden on some citizens that is not faced by all citizens simply through the acts of refusal to comply or compliance.  The governor’s mandate if legitimate, denies due process rights of individuals.  Read this well-reasoned letter to the State Supreme Court penned by Judge David Larson. Read this newspaper article by Judge Larson explaining supreme court over-stepping on vaccine mandates.

Governor Inslee issued emergency proclamations mandating vaccination in Washington state ostensibly for certain individuals, yet the language in the proclamations is somewhat broader than specific groups of individuals, of note is the section definitions regarding what is termed workers. Click this link to read the first mandate and this link to read the second mandate

If you are concerned about a mandated vaccination at your place of employment it is a good idea to get a written copy of the employer mandate policy before you act or make decisions.

For your convenience, links have been included in this post and are not meant to promote any medical theory or protocol but rather to promote research and the gathering of information for persons who have an interest in doing so.  This post is CAPR’s attempt to educate and inform and is not medical or legal advice.  As always, individuals should use their own best interest and judgement when making decisions.

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September 2, 2021