We Must Fight for Life, Liberty, and Property!

We Need You! We know 2020 has been an extraordinary year! We as citizens have suffered in astounding ways loss to our life, liberty, and property! We hold all much more dearly and have more reason than we ever have had to restore and retain our freedoms.

For 2021, we must fight together to regain our liberties, especially in the upcoming Washington State Legislative session! Our voice is stronger when we have all our members working together to make our voices heard in Olympia! Governmental actions taken beginning in March 2020 have proven we must fight for our liberties while opposing ideas that will further impoverish all citizens!

Please begin with your CAPR membership today to be ready for calls to action this legislative session! It is important to have as many ideas, innovations, and citizens ready to protect our properties as possible, that is why your membership is so important! Join CAPR and be a party to re-establishing our liberties and help us expand awareness to the citizens of Washington state!

If you have not done so in a while, visit the CAPR webinar page to see what we have been doing to share ideas and information, especially our CAPR Property Rights and Freedom webinars! https://capr.us/webinars

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December 5, 2020