CAPR Water Forums - Concrete

The Skagit CAPR Chapter sponsored water forums in Concrete in June and July.  Both were well attended by area residents, who have been most affected by the Department of Ecology’s ridiculous and punishing In-stream Flow Rule.  Attendance at the June 11th event had Concrete’s American Legion Hall filled to capacity.  Even more people showed up on July 21st.

Skagit CAPR's Water Rights TV Spots

In 2014, our chapter sponsored five TV spots on the Comcast system aimed at raising awareness of the real threat to property rights in Skagit County.  This is a trend that is seen across the entire country.  Unfortunately, the situation in Washington is as bad or worse than any other state and Skagit seems to be ground zero.  In this day and age, too many people, especially bureaucrats and elected officials, do not appreciate the fact that property rights are absolutely necessary to preserve our freedoms and ensure prosperity. 

Is Government the Answer to Marijuana?

Regardless of personal opinions regarding Marijuana Use, the Control of the Government in this issue has always been a situation that would be questionable at best. What must be decided is what is the advantage to society of Current and Proposed "Legalized Marijuana" law. Are we trading one cartel for another? How does the average citizen, property owner, and taxpayer benefit from these laws?

Excellent Interview with Justice Richard Sanders, Property Rights Discussion

Jason Overstreet of Law and Liberty Radio interviews Retired Justice Richard Sanders, a constant champion of individual rights. Discussion of Property Rights in Washington State with a constitutional thinker. This thoughtful 27 minute interview is well worth the listening!

Corporate Environmentalists Break Promises

Wild Earth Guardians entered into an agreement with the Department of the Interior US Fish and Wildlife Service in May, 2011. The Center for Biological Diversity also entered into an agreement with the USFWS in June, 2011. Both of these Corporate Environmentalists promised to limit the filing of lawsuits to 2007 levels due to the fact that the constant filing of Endangered Species Act lawsuits has caused a serious backlog in the FWS, which in itself was causing additional lawsuit filings by these groups. This flooding of lawsuits is part of the "Sue and Settle" strategy that funds a significant portion of these Corporate Environmentalists income.


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