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Montana Property Rights Conference Covers Hot Topics

United Property Owners of Montana will offer 2 days of presenters discussing such hot topics as PLF's Paul Beard on the Koontz vs St Johns River Water Management District. Also on the list of topics are advice on defending your property against public access, the imposition of free roaming Bison, private/public land exchange and access issues, William Perry Pendley on property rights and abandoned government easements, eminent domain, sage grouse and the ESA, the EPA and the Waters of the United States rule, and the Flathead Water Compact.

We're From the Government and We're Here to Take From You - The Sad Story of National Park Service Management

The Federal Government plays rough. Following the Drakes Bay Oyster Company case, one can see why sharing lands with the federal government is not sharing at all. What began as a land agreement with California State and the Drakes Bay Oyster Company and the Federal Government, the National Park Service evolved over the years into a taking. The National Park Service owns the land under the cannery and says the estero should be protected by the 1964 Wilderness Act, as "an area … untrammeled … where man himself is a visitor who does not remain." Is it any wonder that people are worried about the National Park Service and National Heritage Areas Designations when these types of situations happen under NPS management?


by Tom DeWeese August 5, 2014 The attacks came fast and furious, from March through June. A coordinated attack to vilify, ostracize and neutralize efforts by local citizen activists who are standing in opposition to Agenda 21 and its policy called Sustainable Development. The terms “conspiracy theory,” “extremists,” “fear mongers,” and “far right,” are all over these obvious attempts to smear any opposition to the agenda of the Sustainablist planners that now swarm over nearly every community in America.

Collusion, EPA, and Corporate Environmentalists, Exposed in Government Report

On July 30, 2014 U.S Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans released a report highlighting the collusion between environmental activists, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and billionaires using large sums of money to influence environmental public policy. Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights has called out in past articles some of these corporate environmental organizations for their propensity to consider almost every creature and plant endangered, prompting them to propagate lawsuit after lawsuit on a seemingly daily basis. This is not only expensive and fruitless for the taxpayer, but more often than not has a direct tie to land use and property rights. Ranchers, farmers, loggers, and the mineral industry have suffered along with the individual property owner due to these suits which "force" endangered species listings.

Become a Citizen Ninja!

Mary Baker of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights SanDiego/Orange County California has designed a workshop to help Americans become comfortable and able to exercise their civic duty. Mary's workshop will prepare you to understand the dynamics of public meetings, and how you can be effective in these circumstances. The framers of our Constitution knew that to preserve our blessings of liberty, the Republic would require self-governing citizens. We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government. ~James Madison Do you worry about being marginalized if you express your opinion in public? Have you been bullied in a public forum or town hall meeting? Do you wonder if civil discourse is even possible?

Take Action to Oppose Mountains to Sound National Heritage Area!

Take Action! Your calls can help stop this National Heritage Area and protect your Property Rights! CAPR Opposes the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area. The two bills for this proposed NHA are H.R. 1785, and SB 2602 Call the offices of these representatives to let them know you oppose this National Heritage Area! Dave Reichert (202) 225-7761 Doc Hastings (202) 225-5816.

Washington DOE Lacks Credibility

Many property owners have little faith in the operations at DOE. There are just too many instances of the department seeming to be run on ideology and not on facts. Watch the video of Senator Pam Roach's hearing on the GMA linked in this article. You will see the DOE in action trying to answer Senator Roach's questions proving he is woefully inadequate to the job. Ideology will only get you so far... The Freedom Foundation has been perusing documents from the DOE and is reading some dismaying statements. These statements are also strong on ideology and week on fact.

CAPR Stevens County Letter of Introduction

Read this letter of introduction from CAPR Stevens County to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. This letter explains the reasoning behind the refusal to submit to setbacks. RE: Introduction Letter and “Official Statement of the Stevens County Private Property Owners” We are sending you our “Official Statement” that was put together and edited by our group of private property owners in Stevens County. This “Official Statement” we are sending has to do with the “setbacks”/’buffer zones” that are being increased and implemented by the Department of Ecology starting July 01, 2014. These “setbacks” are being illegally implemented on private property around sub-irrigated areas and waterways. So far, the DoE has claimed that these setbacks are being implemented to stop pollution of the waters by livestock.


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